High Capacity Diaphragm Pump


High capacity diaphragm pump. Pumps up to 120L/min. Aluminium body with nitrile diaphragms.

• Suitable with diesel, biodiesel up to B30 or water.
• Cast aluminium body with nitrile diaphragms.
• Viton diaphragms also available for petrol. (2 required).
• Pumps up to 120L/min. 11/2” hose tail inlet & outlet.
• Pumps dirty & contaminated liquids with up to 10mm solids.
• Supplied with foot plate & removable operating handle.
• Suction strainer.
• Self priming to 4m.
• Max. head 6m.
• Repair kit (HP120.RK) available which includes:
2 x nitrile diaphragms, 1 x con rod, 1 x diaphragm plate,
2 x fixing screws & washers.

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