22mm Qual-Oil Pipe - 50m or 100m

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22mm Qual-Oil Pipe - 50m or 100m

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Product Code QP22_PG
Suitable With Diesel, Heating Oil, Kerosene


  • Choose from 50m or 100m coils.
  • 22mm Qual-Oil Pipe.
  • Qual-Oil pipe is a thermoplastic pipe made from PEX material which makes it flexible & easy to install.
  • Advantages over the traditionally used copper pipe: It’s impervious to concrete. 50m & 100m coils means no buried joints.
  • Approved by OFTEC (OFCERT Licence No. 2064099901).
  • Resistant to freeze bursting, pipe is tested & rated down to -30°C.
  • 25 year manufacturer’s guarantee subject to maximum service conditions of: 10 bar @ 20°C, 5 bar @ 50°C.
  • Use only with BS 864 & EN1254.2 metric compression fittings with metric size inserts.
  • Do not use Qual-Oil pipe within a building.
  • Do not use Qual-Oil on the boiler side of the fire valve.
  • Do not use Qual-Oil within 0.5m of the oil burner/boiler.
  • Do not use Qual-Oil above ground.
  • Do not expose to radiant heat above 50°C. Allow for approx. 1% expansion on the length of pipe in service.
  • Follow buried work installation code of practice for oil firing (BS5410:Part1:1997 section 8.2.4).

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