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B7 Biodiesel Nozzle Identification Badge for ZVA

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CategoryNozzle Identification Badges
ATEX CertifiedNo
Warranty1 Year
Fuel TypeDiesel
In stock

B7 Biodiesel Nozzle Identification Badge

Hytek have in stock slogan badges for the ZVA range of nozzles to identify the grade of biofuel in diesel and Ethanol complying with the European Directive 2014/94/EU. It is a requirement for the dispenser and nozzle to be marked with the fuel grade along with the vehicle filling point.

Live from September 1st 2019 ‘The Alternative Fuel Labelling and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2019’. The standard EN 16942 : 2016 has been created to implement the Directive. 

The program of labelling is happening now and is a legal requirement on September 1st. This is a requirement for unleaded E5 as well as biodiesel B7.


How to fit to a ZVA nozzle:

These slogan badges fit on top of the nozzle scuff guards. Four spikes on the underneath of the slogan badges line up with the four slots on top of the scuff guard making these easy to fit.


Why you need to use nozzle identification badges:

B7 and E5 relate to the percentage of biofuel and ethanol present in diesel and petrol. The reason for these labels is to make motorists more aware of the environment and the impacts their journey can have on the environment, educating the drivers. Under the Government’s Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation unleaded fuel sold in the UK must contain up to 5% ethanol however for super-unleaded no policy is in place.

Looking into the future E10 petrol containing 10% bioethanol that claims to offer a 2% reduction in CO2 is likely to happen at some point as the Government set up a consultation into E10 petrol in 2018 and later this year a second consultation is due. Up to 800,000 cars cannot use E10.

Biofuels help to meet reductions in emission as last year they reduced emissions by 2.7 million tonnes, equals the same as removing 1.2 million cars from our roads.


As one of the industry leaders in fuel dispensing nozzles, ZVA nozzles are the premier nozzle choice for forecourts and commercial fuelling environments across Europe and the UK. Their industry expertise means you're buying a product with years of manufacturing brilliance built-in. The ZVA range is highly accurate and reliable - the go-to brand for resale products.