Hytek has always been a specialist in fuel and lubrication equipment, so it was no surprise when they added AdBlue equipment to their range. At the time, it was used primarily in heavy agricultural equipment and lorries, but by 2009 it was becoming more prevalent in road cars too.


Since then the Hytek AdBlue® Equipment range has grown, covering the needs of users from storage to dispensing. AdBlue®’s infamous intolerance for contact with air, and impurities in metal, means the equipment must be manufactured with stainless steel or polypropylene components if they contact the tricky liquid.


Where fixed tanks are possible, gauging and overfill alarms must be fitted with special AdBlue® compatible float switches and sensors (TA.FA.SS5).


No matter how it’s stored, AdBlue® will need to be pumped out of its container, and the metal rotors and body of standard pumps won’t do the job. Submersible AdBlue pumps (SUB.4) are great for permanent storage units, where they can sit undisturbed. If portability is an issue, there are a range of 12v and 24v and 230v transfer pumps that will get the job done (AB.24PSC40A).


Measurement provides another headache – most conventional fuel meters are made from metals that will react with AdBlue®, contaminating the liquid and forming crystals on the components. To avoid this, high quality stainless steel or nylon is used which can run in contact with AdBlue® indefinitely (FM.DN1).


Another link in the chain is the delivery hose. Hytek supplies complete AdBlue® hose assemblies (ABH.4.5/8.1F) in various lengths, they have also introduced AdBlue® hoses by the meter, allowing you to order the right size for the application (ABH3.3/4).


AdBlue® nozzles not are not only differentiated by their material and engineering elements, but by their function too. Many people are choosing to install AdBlue® anti-misfiling nozzles (NOZA.SS.SM), designed to avoid AdBlue® being dispensed into the diesel tank – potentially causing significant damage to the engine.


The difficulty in working with AdBlue® comes not from volatility, but the fact that every element of the handling system must be specially designed to handle it. Contaminating AdBlue® with even the smallest particles can render it unusable – taking shortcuts and using inappropriate equipment can have catastrophic consequences.


As farmers, hauliers, distributors and logistics companies see the increased use of AdBlue® in their business, they are demanding better products, at better prices to cope with the storage and handling. Hytek allow you to provide the high quality demanded by customers, delivered next day, at reasonable prices.