Fuel Control System Ready for Shipping Hytek have just supplied one of their distributors with four FC20 floor mounted fuel control units (FC20.4), each connecting up to four fuel dispensing pumps.

These FC20 units will be located across multiple depots in the UK so a 3G modem and data sim have been fitted to each unit to allow remote monitoring via the Hytek Fuel Manager Online software.

The customer can then use a PC or smartphone to keep an eye on where their fuel is going, run reports with full MPG calculations, monitor CO2 output readings and so much more.

We supplied 120 vehicle datatags to be used alongside secure driver PIN codes, which have all been preprogramed by Hytek so that the system is ready to go on installation.

Eight OLE digital tank gauges (TGE.T5020) were also supplied and preconfigured by Hytek to link the fuel storage tank fuel levels into the Hytek Fuel Manager Online software.  

The end user is a vehicle recovery company and a second order is pending.

The preprograming of the equipment by Hytek means that the time on site required by their distributor was minimal and causes less disruption.

Often the equipment is installed and commissioned on the same day meaning less down time for the end user.