Fuel Storage Tank Re-Circulation/Fuel Conditioner Kits - keeps fuel fresh!

High-quality fuel is important in the effective and efficient running of machinery. Fuel that is left sitting still for extended periods such as in emergency tanks or backup systems can become contaminated if not cared for properly. Hytek’s Fuel Storage Tank Re-Circulation/Fuel Conditioner Kits prevent fuel from becoming contaminated over time and make sure that the fuel is ready for use at any time. The kits can be fitted to data centre backup generator tanks, hospital emergency generator ranks, or any other installation where fuel is at risk.

These kits have been fitted on tanks worldwide & are well proven. One unit will cover most tank sizes, with a standard unit capable of re-circulating up to 65,000 litres tank capacity. Our Re-Circulation/Fuel Conditioner kits circulate & prevent the degradation of fuel inside storage tanks. The fuel passes through a pre-filter fuel conditioner to prevent microbial growth & is automatically circulated for a number of preset timed periods to ensure tank contents are recirculated 1½ times every 28 days.

When the pump flow rate drops below this preset limit (indicating a clogged filter) the flow switch closes & a warning light flashes. The Re-Circulation/Fuel Conditioner kit (RK) can also be linked to our remote warning device (RWD2) which has external alarm outputs, rated at 230VAC 10A max.

These kits are for use with diesel & feature a 230V pump unit, inlet strainer, fuel conditioner, flow switch, filter clogged warning light, timer, mains junction box & override key switch. They come with a mounting plate ready to be mounted on a wall or tank. The kits are weatherproof for outdoor use & now offer a 2 year parts warranty.

NEW to the range is the Advanced Fuel Storage Tank Re-Circulation/Fuel Conditioner Kit (RKA). This kit is an advanced version of our standard re-circulation kit (RK) as mentioned above, this NEW unit was designed as a result of numerous requests from our current Fuel Storage Tank Re-Circulation Kit/Fuel Conditioner Kit customers who required some extra features on certain installations.

These NEW extra features include: a large flashing beacon, 90dB Sounder & test button. A mute button stops the sounder, however the beacon remains flashing to alert you to the unit. Pump running/pump stop outputs (passive contacts) for connection to building management systems (BMS).

Fuel filtration is becoming more important, due to modern engines & critical power situations i.e. transport bulk fuel storage tanks & generator bulk fuel storage tanks. We offer a 10 micron particle/water filter kit clear bowl assembly (FM.RK.F). Customers have requested better filtration & also larger contamination holding capacity filters; we now offer two NEW options. RKF2 Spin on particle/water kit 2 micron (standard capacity) & RKF2H Spin on particle/water kit 2 micron (high capacity) for use on larger storage tanks where more fuel is being recirculated.

A flow meter can be fitted to provide an ongoing total of fuel circulated.

If you would like to find out more about Hytek’s Re-Circulation & Fuel Conditioner kits & how they can benefit your customer’s installation, call our technical team on 01279 815600 or email info@hytekgb.com.