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Caps & Adaptors

We offer a range of oil tank caps, adaptors, drip & oil tank vent caps in both plastic & aluminium guises.

Anti-Theft Locking Caps - free spinning design to resist aggressive theft attempts such as with a crowbar, easy to fit with no tools required & has 50,000 combinations.

This locking cap fits existing 2" BSPP male fill points & an optional M x M 2" adaptor can be specified to fit female fill points.

Oil Tank Vent Caps: Plastic - allow the tank to breathe, & non-threaded 2" plastic vent has screws provided.

Oil Tank Vent Caps: Aluminium - a robust & durable body in various non-threaded & threaded sizes from 1.5 to 3"

Drip Caps: Aluminium & Plastic - our plastic 2" BSPP compatible drip cap has a retaining chain & clip and is designed to help prevent debris entering the tank & stray drips falling & becoming a hazard. The aluminium versions have a brass retaining chain with parallel threads BSP with a leather washer seal.

Aluminium Fill Point Nipple - designed to terminate the fill pipe on above the ground fuel storage tanks, these are designed to provide a strong seal with the fuel delivery nozzle & are easily replaced once worn or damaged.

Threaded Fill Pipe Adaptors - made of cast aluminium with a female thread, these adaptors have a flat face & strong leather washer to provide a reliable seal for fill pipes, & they can be secured by padlock.

Threaded Fill Point Caps - of aluminium construction with a female BSP thread & leather washer seal designed for use with our fill pipe adaptors (above).

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  1. Threaded Fill Point Cap
  2. Threaded Fill Pipe Adaptor
  3. Aluminium Fill Point Nipple
  4. Aluminium Vent Cap c/w Flame Arrestor Mesh
  5. Aluminium Vent Cap (No Thread)
  6. Aluminium Drip Caps
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