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Fuel Filters

Inline Fuel Filters

Filtering your fuel is essential in order to prevent particle contaminants or water from being transferred into a storage tank or a vehicle.  Contaminants of any kind can affect the performance of your fleet, so it’s important to take steps to filter them out. 

Inline filters are designed to be installed in line on the outlet side of your dispensing equipment. They are placed between the tank and the pump or nozzle. A permanent filter adaptor is fitted to the delivery system; into which you can put replaceable filters. These eventually become clogged up or worn out and can then be replaced for minimal expense. Different grades of filters are available depending on the liquid. For example, 10 micron filters are best for petrol and diesel, while a 30-micron filter can be better for heavier liquids such as fuel oil.

 The filters can be either particle filters, which remove solid contaminants, or water filters. Most water-only filters are of the bowl type, which allows you to easily see how much water is being collected. This helps to identify any problems with high levels of water contamination. Most of the bowl filters we stock are fitted with a bottom plug for draining off any excess water the fuel may contain.

 Also available are a wide range of CIM-TEK dual-purpose filters, which can be used to filter both free and emulsified water as well as contaminants. These simplify your installation and ensure that you only have to monitor and replace one part.

 We also stock pre-filter fuel conditioners, in-tank re-circulation and filtration kits, and a large selection of spare parts. These include a number of replacement filters, as well as spare bowls, valve assemblies, and tools for installation.

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  1. Cim-Tek Ultra High Capacity 150L/min Filters - Water & Particle
  2. Cim-Tek High Capacity 110L/min Pump Fuel Filters - Water & Particle
  3. Cim-Tek 100L/min Gravity/Pump Fuel Filters - Water & Particle
  4. Cim-Tek High Capacity 120L/min Pump Water/Particle Filters
  5. Industry Standard Bowl Filters
  6. FAG Bowl Filters
  7. Piusi Captor CFD 150-30 Water & Particle Filter Element - 30 Micron
  8. Piusi Captor 150L/min Pump Filter Ultra High Capacity - Water & Particle
  9. Cim-Tek CT70068 Water & Particle Element - 30 Micron
  10. Cim-Tek CT70043 Water & Particle Element - 30 Micron
  11. Cim-Tek CT70075 Water & Particle Filter Element - 10 Micron
  12. Cim-Tek CT70076 Water & Particle Filter Element - 30 Micron
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