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Bulk Flow Meters

We provide a comprehensive range of heavy duty meters for bulk flow measurement facilitating flow rates from 20 to 3100 litres per minute (L/min). Our bulk flow meters are available in various technologies including oval gear, rotary abutment, piston & turbine, making them suitable for use with a diverse array of liquids including petrol, diesel, oil, water & many industrial chemicals. We also have a model suitable for use with AdBlue®. Mechanical & electronic totaliser options are available.

The range of Bulk Flow Meters offered by Hytek is extremely versatile. We are able to offer accuracies of +/- 0.15%, withstand pressures of up to 28 bar & operate within temperature extremes of ‑40°C to 150°C.

Oval Gear Bulk Flow Meters - All our oval gear bulk meters are ATEX approved, with various models also MID approved, they can be calibrated to read any unit of measure. Our oval gear bulk flow meters are either aluminium or stainless steel bodied, with either Viton or Teflon seals for reliability & durability. Meters can be supplied fitted with a wide range of accessories including, strainers, air eliminators, preset valves & ticket printers.

Rotary Bulk Flow Meters - low maintenance aluminium or stainless steel bodied meters featuring no metal to metal contact & durable Viton, Teflon or EPDM seals. Available with a full range of accessories including electronic registers, presets, shut-off valves, strainers & air eliminators.

Piston Bulk Flow Meters - a high performance design of meter offering a 250:1 turndown & accuracy of +/- 0.1%. Stainless steel construction with EPDM seals makes this an extremely durable meter. They are ATEX approved & feature no metal to metal contact.

- AdBlue® is a trademark of the Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (VDA).

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