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Fuel Flow Meters

Fuel Flow Meters

Diesel Fuel Flow Meters & Petrol Flow Meters

We supply fuel flow meters from some of the world’s leading brands such as Piusi and their renowned K33 & K44 meter, Fill Rite’s 807 meter & Braun range of oil flow meters. They are capable of accuracy ranging between +/- 0.25% & +/- 2.5% and can be used on applications including Heating Oil & Adblue to Kerosene, petrol flow meters & diesel flow meters. We also offer ATEX certified meters which are all certified for use in hazardous areas.

These fuel meters are available as pulse meters, traditional mechanical flow meters & digital flow meters which are capable of being attached directly to a fuel nozzle for light mobile use or as a bulk meter for large industrial requirements and everything in between.

We also offer our own range of fuel flow meters which have been sourced, tested & developed by our highly experienced staff. They offer fantastic value for money & come with a comprehensive 2-year warranty, look out for the Hytek Quality stickers and find your ideal fuel meter today.

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