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Fuel Management

Medium Level Systems

Entry Level Systems
  • Includes vehicle MPG in the reports.
  • More comprehensive reporting than the entry level systems but limited on how you can sort & display this data compared to the comprehensive system. Reporting is normally displayed via your internet browser.
  • Manual data download via a USB memory stick.
  • Sold to the smaller/medium fleet operator where the cost of the comprehensive system can't be justified.
  • Examples: HDA, HDM & FC05

Comprehensive Level Systems

Comprehensive Level Systems
  • Give full comprehensive reporting including MPG & CO2.
  • Come with standard reports, also easy to make your own.
  • Prevent inaccurate information from being inputted.
  • Normally are web based, giving access from almost anywhere in the world.
  • Can be linked to accurate fuel tank gauging.
  • Accepts off site fuelling data from most fuel card companies.
  • Examples: FC20 & FC10
Fuel Management Diagram

Our web-based fuel control system software allows you to access all the relevant information to manage your fuel stocks, providing communication between the system and the pump. The system works with Diesel, Adblue and Petrol via our ATEX Approved Alpha pumps.

The simple screen design makes it easy and clear to use, allowing you to download & view transaction information from the comfort of your PC. Our online fuel management system comes with 5 standard reports or you can simply create your own. All transaction details are stored including CO2 output readings on reports.

Fuel Management System FC Online