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Diesel Transfer Pumps

Manual, Battery & Mains Diesel Transfer Pumps

Hytek offers an extensive range of diesel pumps to cater for a wide range of diesel fuelling & transfer applications.

Small portable diesel transfer pumps are available for use in remote locations such as on farms or construction sites, where fuel needs to be transferred from mobile storage tanks like fuel bowsers, or fuel drums. By necessity these diesel fuel transfer pumps are often powered with DC voltage or 110 volt AC (often available from either vehicle batteries or mobile generators).

For small fuelling applications, or where no electric power is available, a diesel hand pump can be used which will comfortably pump up to 10 litres per minute but, due to the manual nature of this fuel transfer method, the volume of fuel it is possible to deliver is limited. A 12V diesel transfer pump, running from a 12 volt DC supply, will typically pump at a rate of 20 to 40 litres per minute which is suitable for filling small vehicles such as cars, pick-up trucks, tractors or other farm machinery. These pumps are available as individual pumps for fixed pipework installations, as well as in kits which include a delivery hose & a choice of a manual trigger nozzle, or automatic nozzle, which will automatically shut off when the fuel tank being filled is full, thus preventing any fuel spillage in environmentally sensitive areas. These pumps are also available with fitted flow meters so that the volume of fuel dispensed can be monitored.

Another type of diesel transfer pump could be used in a fixed installation. This could be a small haulage yard or any business running a fleet of up to 15 vehicles where there is a requirement for a wall mounted diesel pump due to space being at a premium. These pumps can be found in Hytek’s Spectra range & commonly operate from a 230V AC mains supply with flow rates from 40 to 100 litres per minute.  Again, these are available individually or in kit format with a flow meter, hose & nozzle although, due to the higher delivery speeds involved, an automatic nozzle is recommended.

For larger fixed installations such as distribution centres, bus depots or large haulage yards, a fixed, stand alone diesel pump will be required. These are usually housed in protective cabinets to protect them from the tougher industrial environment & feature integrated displays, higher accuracy meters & robust pump units capable of dispensing the higher volumes of fuel required at flow rates from 50 to 90 litres per minute. These mains diesel pumps run on 230V AC with multiple pumps on any one site to allow simultaneous vehicle diesel fuelling.

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  1. 12V /24V Duel Voltage, 95L/min ATEX pump. Supplied with 6m battery cable & croc clips
  2. Piusi Cube 70 Diesel Box Pump (591000) - 230V
  3. Hytek Battery Transfer Pump Kit - Dual Voltage
  4. Hytek Portable High Speed Battery Transfer Pump Kit - 12V
  5. Rotary Diesel Hand Pump Kit - Stainless Steel
  6. Rotary Diesel Hand Pump - Stainless Steel
  7. Piusi Cube 90 Diesel Box Pump (59200A) - 230V
  8. SPECTRA+ C/W Electronic Meter +/-0.5% & Pulser
  9. Hytek SPECTRA Diesel Pumps
  10. Hytek Compact Diesel Pump Kit - 230V
  11. Hytek Portable Diesel Transfer Pump Kits - 230V
  12. Hytek Diesel/Biodiesel Transfer Pump - 230V
  13. RD8 ATEX Certified Battery Transfer Pump
  14. Hytek Diesel/Biodiesel B100 Transfer Pump - 230V
  15. Piusi Panther 56 Diesel Transfer Pump - 230V or 110V
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Items 1-15 of 47

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