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230V Fuel Transfer Pumps

Electric fuel transfer pumps are perfect when you need a refuelling solution in a small package. Low-cost, portable and easy to fit and maintain, they are ideal for small fleet operators or for use with drums or IBCs. 

Hytek provides pumps suitable for use with petrol, diesel or AdBlue, and the 230V diesel transfer pump is also capable of pumping and transferring bio-diesel. The range includes a wide selection of special options such as pumps that mount directly to IBCs, heavy duty fireproof pumps, and pumps contained within security cabinets, for placement at insecure locations where theft or misuse might be a concern. 

All of Hytek’s electric fuel transfer pumps can either be supplied as a bare stand-alone 230V fuel transfer pump, or as a pump skid complete with a fuel flowmeter, fuel hose & nozzle. Some pumps are also available in 110V models. The complete pumping kit can also be supplied as a wall-mounted unit, ready for easy placement in a convenient location for refuelling. All pumps come in a variety of different flow rates depending on your requirements. Submersible electric fuel transfer pumps are also available for placement within a storage tank of diesel, biodiesel, AdBlue or water. 

The majority of the electric fuel transfer pumps supplied by Hytek are weatherproof to IP55 for outdoor use, and a wide range of spare and replacement parts is available for all of the pumps we provide.

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  1. 12V/230V Top Plate Drum Mount Kits for AdBlue®
  2. Piusi Cube 90 Diesel Box Pump (59200A) - 230V
  3. 230V Piusi Suzzara Blue Pump For AdBlue®
  4. SPECTRA+ C/W Electronic Meter +/-0.5% & Pulser
  5. Hytek SPECTRA Diesel Pumps
  6. Hytek Compact Diesel Pump Kit - 230V
  7. Hytek Portable Diesel Transfer Pump Kits - 230V
  8. Hytek Diesel/Biodiesel Transfer Pump - 230V
  9. Piusi 110V Transfer Pump (28L/min) for AdBlue®/DEF
  10. Piusi Viscomat 70 Oil Transfer Pump - 230V or 110V
  11. Oil Transfer Pump Kit - 230V or 110V
  12. Hytek Diesel/Biodiesel B100 Transfer Pump - 230V
  13. Piusi Panther 56 Diesel Transfer Pump - 230V or 110V
  14. 230V Wall Mount Transfer Pump Kit for AdBlue®/DEF
  15. 230V IBC Mount Transfer Pump Kit (30L/min) for AdBlue®/DEF
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Items 1-15 of 37

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