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Hytek ALPHA Pump With FC10 Fuel Management System (50L/Min) - Petrol

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ManufacturerHytek Engineered
ATEX CertifiedYes
Accuracy+/- 0.25%
Amps16 A
Max Flow50L/min
Warranty1 Year
Fuel TypePetrol
Out of stock


ALPHA Petrol Pump with FC10 Fuel Management System

ALPHA Petrol Pump - ATEX Certified

  • Meter accuracy +/‑ 0.25%.
  • Larger, clear, backlit, easy to read LCD display.
  • Lifetime & period totalisers are displayed constantly.
  • Leave messages for specific drivers.
  • Large display digits for fuel being drawn.
  • Can be used with above or below ground fuel storage tanks.
  • Stores full information on the last 2000 refuelling operations.
  • Integral GPRS modem for downloading the information.
  • Dimensions: 1450mm H x 550mm W x 490mm D.


The Fuel Management Software (FMS)

Our web-based fuel control system software allows you to access all the relevant information to manage your fuel stocks. It does this by providing communication between the system and the pump. The fuel monitoring system is integrated with our ATEX Approved ALPHA petrol pumps. Versions with integrated fuel management systems are also available MID certified for the resale of fuel.

  • GPRS modem for remote access to fuel data.
  • User-friendly web-based system software.
  • Flexible report writer enables a wide range of fuel usage analysis by vehicle, department, vehicle type, fuel type, time, date etc.
  • Includes CO2 output readings on reports.
  • Multiple site capability & data consolidation.
  • All features included as standard. No optional extras to purchase.
  • Installation and commissioning support available.
  • The mobile app is now available. Monitor from your phone/table in real time.
  • Uses virtually indestructible datatags instead of keys or fuel cards.
  • Up to 65,000 different datatags on any one system.
  • Vehicle tag, odometer entry, odometer check & MPG calculation.
  • Optional driver code &/or pin code entry.


GPRS modem (includes SIM card)

No trenches to dig, ducting or cables to install, fitted as standard: - Allows for remote diagnostics & support.

  • Provides wireless communication between pump & PC.
  • Global data sim cards are available.


The Datatags

The datatag is a short‑range proximity device. It’s a 100% sealed plastic unit that is durable & hard‑wearing. There are no moving parts, no teeth to break or slots & grooves to wear or block. Guaranteed for life, if it fails we will give you a new one free.

  • The datatags can be programmed with customer information or vehicle identification prior to delivery.
  • The datatags can be programmed with up to 65,000 tag numbers, 65,000 different site codes & 65,000 customer codes.
  • They also carry variable information: - Fuel type allowed & date that the datatag was last used.
  • Last entered odometer reading.
  • Access method required to draw fuel, i.e. does this tag require an odometer reading or not.
  • No electrical contacts to cause connection problems.
  • No batteries to replace or recharge.
  • Robust & sealed, guaranteed for life.


Looking for the diesel fuel version of our FMS petrol pump? Take a look at our ATEX certified ALPHA pump with comprehensive FMS (FC10) - Diesel.


Fuel Dispensing Equipment

Nozzles, breakaway valves and pigtail hoses for fuel dispensing are sold separately, options as below:

Automatic Nozzles:

NOZA.ATEX for use with ALPHA/50WP

ZVA.LF2 for use with ALPHA/50WP

Breakaway Valves:

BRK.3A for use with ALPHA/50WP

Pigtail Hoses:

SBH1.3/4.500 for use with ALPHA/50WP

PH1.3/4.500 for use with ALPHA/50WP


Hytek Engineered is our own range of high-quality products, developed and assembled in the UK. Our internal testing process means that all our products get sent out to the highest standard. Coupled with our highly trained in-house technical support team and superb customer service, you're guaranteed the best in aftercare support. Buy Hytek Engineered for our full product life-cycle commitment.