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Hytek FC05 - Fuel Management System

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Warranty1 Year
Out of stock
  • Compact, robust, stainless steel, weatherproof design.
  • Suitable for wall or tank mounting (pedestal option).- Controls up to 2 fuel dispensers.
  • Uses guaranteed for life datatags instead of keys or cards.
  • Up to 127 different tags on any one system.
  • Tags can be programmed with registration, odometer entry & fuel type at the terminal.
  • Use keypad for odometer entry, fuel selection & tag programming.
  • Extra datatags can be added, existing ones can be locked out.
  • Datatags & system are configured at the FC05 terminal (follow the instructions on the display/screen).
  • One datatag required per vehicle/driver (guaranteed for life).
  • Information Available At The FC05 Terminal 
  • Fuelling totals for each vehicle.
  • Tank stock levels.
  • Low tank stock warnings.
  • Details of last fuelling.
  • Viewing Information On Your PC Via Your Internet Browser 
  • Fuelling transactions can be downloaded from the FC05 terminal to your PC via a portable USB flash drive.
  • Information can then be imported into the cloud based software at the touch of a button.
  • Fuelling transactions can be viewed in a time frame of your choice & includes vehicle MPG. Vehicle consumption graphs can be viewed & exported.
  • Transaction data can be filtered by vehicle or fuel type.
  • Transaction totals for each vehicle or fuel dispenser.
  • Data can be printed out or exported into either Microsoft® Word® or Excel®.
  • Multiple users can be set up to access reports/data via the cloud based software.
  • Multiple sites can be linked to the one cloud based software.
  • No modem or sim required.
  • There is a yearly fee for data management/hosting after the 1st year.
  • The cloud based software is kept updated at no extra cost.
  • All set up by us within 24 hours from reciept of our questionnaire to save you time on site, or you can set up on site.