Forecourt Equipment

Hytek offers a range of forecourt equipment that is essential for the effective upkeep of a fuelling forecourt. Available products include angle check valves, fuel & oil tank vent caps, test measure cans & vapour recovery adaptors.


Angle check valves are fitted to pump suction lines to prevent the line from draining back into the tank, ensuring that the line is always primed for use. These can be used with a number of fuels such as diesel, biodiesel & petrol.


We feature an angle check valve that has the added benefit of pressure relief, this helps prevent damage to the pump, as well as potential fuel spillages from occurring when using ZVA type nozzles.


Pressure build up can occur easily through weather exposure, long hoses, reels & hose abrasion, so a check valve with pressure relief makes for a secure investment in helping to protect your installation.


We provide both oil & fuel tank vent caps that allow underground tanks to breathe safely. These come in threaded & non-threaded versions with strong aluminium bodies. A variety of sizing options ensure that the vent cap will fit your installation appropriately.


Test measure cans are paramount in ensuring that your system is dispensing fuels & fluid correctly as well as checking any flow meter equipment is calibrated. Test measure cans help to identify under or over measured fuel, & are suitable to use with diesel, biodiesel, petrol & are even suitable with AdBlue®. Hytek’s test measure cans are available in three sizes, 5 litres, 10 litres & 20 litres. All measure cans have the option of a carry case & an anti-splash funnel. To ensure that you are receiving a quality & trusted product, we can include a UK weights & measures certificate too.


We also can offer a range of vapour recovery adaptors. Our versions offer lockable, colourful caps, making the vapour recovery adaptor safer to access & easier to identify. One version also comes with a flame arrestor for easier removal & facilitates easier cleaning. The pressure vacuum valve available in the range comes with an anodised aluminium body & a Teflon coating for additional protection against the elements.

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