Fuel Management

Hytek have been supplying fuelling equipment for over 32 years & fuel management systems for the past 17. As with all of Hytek’s products, the FC10 fuel management system has evolved & comes with web based software, allowing data to be securely accessed from any PC around the world. This automated fuel management system is ideal for small or large fleets, multi sites & multi user applications.


The FC10 fuel management system is our own Hytek Engineered ALPHA pump with an integral fuel management system. We have added to our fuel management solutions with our FC20. A standalone system that can either be floor standing or wall mounted to a tank, & is able to be connected to up 4 new or 4 pre-existing pumps.


Our fuel management solutions are all housed in stainless steel cabinets, enabling them to work in the harshest of environments from coastal locations to harsh sun burnt quarries, providing a 100% rust free future & come with indestructible data tags instead of keys or cards.


The flexible report writer on our fuel management systems enable you to access a wide range of fuel usage analysis by vehicle, fuel type, time, department, KM/L & CO2 output.


By adding an OLE gauge interfaced through the fuel management software an easy ‘LIVE’ tank consumption monitoring feed enables readings to be viewed & monitored from the comfort of the office via the web-based fuel management software.


This generates an early warning in the event of a tank leakage, as well as receiving email & visual stock alerts when stock is running low. The software automatically logs fuel stock deliveries, & saves time as there is no need to go out to the tank for visual check of tank gauges. All of these features can be monitored from your phone, tablet or computer anywhere in the world.

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