Choosing the correct nozzle for your fuel dispensing system is a necessity. A nozzle  that has been incorrectly matched & connected to a pump can cause insufficient flow rates, ineffective dispensing times & in the worst case, damage to the system & possibly resulting in spillages.


We offer a popular range of professional automatic nozzles that are ideal for use with fuels such as diesel. They come in a variety of inlet sizes & can achieve flow rates of up to 140L/min. The benefit of an automatic nozzle means that it will detect when the tank is full & automatically shut off. However for these to work properly, they need to be used in conjunction with an electric pump, & when partnered correctly your fuel dispensing capabilities can be significantly improved.


Our fuel dispensing nozzles are part of our Hytek Quality range. This means that they meet the high expectation that you would expect from Hytek with added value for money, making them an ideal investment for your fuel system.


For extra peace of mind, many of the nozzle versions have been ATEX certified, making them compliant with the new CLP regulations on diesel. If you want to know more on these regulations & how they can affect you, contact our specialist team here at Hytek.


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