Powered Pumps

230V Fuel Transfer Pumps

Hytek have a wide range of 230V fuel transfer pumps on offer, from world renowned names like Piusi, to our own Hytek Engineered fuel transfer pumps.


Our range includes wall mounted 230V diesel & AdBlue® transfer pumps. Powered pumps suitable for the use with IBC’s (1000 litre intermediate bulk containers), allowing the pump bracket to be securely locked to the outer frame & reconnected to the next when empty. We also stock floor mounted 230V transfer cabinet pumps, housed in stainless steel cabinets, providing a rust free future whereever they are located.


The flowrates of the 230V transfer pumps range from 30‑100 litres per minute with an accuracy of up to +/‑ 0.25%.


On the larger cabinet pumps we are able to supply branded face plates with your company name & logo. Please contact us for further details.


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