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Grease Guns & Oil Nozzles

Manual Grease Guns & Oil Guns

We provide a variety of oil & grease guns ranging from cartridge/bulk fill to heavier duty air operated types. Our oil delivery nozzles are available with flexible spouts & digital meters to allow you to monitor oil dispensing.

Grease Guns (Cartridge Types) - available either as a side lever or pistol grip grease gun, both accept 400cc size cartridges, are supplied with a cranked & flexible spout & a four jaw connector.

High Volume Manual Grease Gun - available in side lever & pistol grip versions, these can be used with 400cc size cartridges or bulk filled. They operate at increased pressures ranging from 7500 psi (517 bar) in the case of the pistol grip grease gun to 10,000 psi (690 bar) with the side lever type.

Oil Gun Nozzle (Digital Hose End) - available in a range of pressures & flow rates, these oil gun nozzles provide digital metering of oil. We also offer a high flow (35 litres per minute) ‘nozzle only’ version.

Oil Suction Gun - suitable for use with non-corrosive liquids, this oil gun is designed to remove oil from gearboxes, differentials & transfer cases. No priming is required & it comes with a 300mm PVC hose.

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  1. Air Operated Grease Control Gun
  2. High Volume Pistol Grip Grease Gun
  3. High Volume Side Lever Grease Gun
  4. Digital Antifreeze Hose End Meter
  5. Manual Antifreeze Nozzle
  6. Piusi K400 Digital Hose End Oil Meter (F00984010)
  7. Digital Hose End Oil Meter
  8. Manual Oil Delivery Nozzle - High Flow
  9. Manual Oil Delivery Nozzle - Standard
  10. Grease Hose
  11. Spare 300mm Flex Spout for Professional Grease Guns
  12. Drip Pocket for Oil Nozzles
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