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Pipe Sealant & Thread Sealants

Simply screwing two pipes together can achieve a strong seal, but not one that is 100% resistant to penetration by small quantities of water, gas or fuel, or to eventually coming apart due to corrosion or vibration. The solution is to apply pipe sealant which, as it cures, fills all of the minute spaces between threads and forms a completely airtight and watertight seal that will not come loose. Some pipe sealants also act as a lubricant, allowing joints to be more tightly screwed together. 

Hytek offers a wide range of jointing compounds & pipe sealants suitable for pipes that will contain different types of liquids and gasses. From Heldite Jointing Compound, suitable for Diesel, Oil and Water, to Loxeal (85-21) suitable for Petrol and AdBlue®, or Loxeal 18-10 which is perfect for air, diesel, oil & petrol. Loxeal is also a perfect replacement to PTFE tape. 

Hytek also provides spare gaskets to provide a better seal at mating surfaces between joints, as well as rolls of PFTE sealing tape in 12mm wide, 0.075mm thick rolls. The tape is placed around threaded connections before two pipes are screwed together, where it acts as a lubricant for the joint, allowing a tighter seal. The tape also becomes squeezed into the gaps between threads, fulfilling a similar purpose to pipe sealant. PFTE sealing tape generally works best on tapered threads where the wedge effect tightly seals the joint, and is best used for water pipes and systems with no vibration, which it doesn’t protect against.

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  1. Leak Plugger Compound
  2. Terostat PU92 Fuel Resistant Adhesive/Mastic
  3. 250ml Loxeal 85-21 Jointing Compound Thread Sealant for AdBlue®/DEF
  4. Loxeal 18-10 Liquid Teflon Pipe Thread Sealant - 250ml
  5. Permabond A131 Pipe Thread Sealant
  6. Fuel Finding Paste - 62g
  7. PTFE Sealing Tape
  8. Triangular Gasket
  9. Sheet Gasket - 1m x 1.5m - 3mm Thick
  10. Loctite Thread Sealant - 577 Pipe Sealant - 50ml
  11. Gasoila Jointing Compound Thread Sealant - 237ml
  12. Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste for E85/B100 - 70g
  13. Kolor Kut MSDS Water Finding Paste - 90g
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13 Items

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