Electronic Totalisers & Batch Controllers

Accurate batch control is of paramount importance in many batching, blending & process applications, this can range from dispensing fuels & oils to more exotic & expensive additives & chemicals. A batch controller is used to dispense a predetermined volume of liquid, for example 100 litres. In order to measure the volume of liquid, the batch controller must be connected to a flow meter & possibly a pump & valve. When the batch controller is activated, a “start” signal is sent to either the pump, the valve, or both which enables liquid to pass through the flow meter, this volume will be recorded by the batch controller. Once the desired volume has been dispensed, for example 100 litres, a “stop” signal will be sent from the batch controller to the pump & valve to prevent further liquid passing through the flow meter.

Our batch controllers feature several process alarms to prevent an incorrect volume being dispensed. These alarms will be activated if for any reason there is an instance within our system preventing the correct batch volume being dispensed.

We offer a range of batch controllers suitable for use in most process environments with both AC & DC power options, as well as a range of equipment suitable for use in Zone 1 & Zone 2 hazardous areas.

Based on your batching requirements we would be pleased to advise which of our equipment best suits your needs in order to achieve accurate & reliable process control.

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