Nutating Disc Flow Meters

Nutating disc flow meters are very popular PD (positive displacement) flow meters, capable of high levels of repeatable accuracy. Thanks to the close tolerance manufacture of internal components & using the bare minimum of moving parts, the nutating disc is a reliable & accurate meter capable of high flow rates; up to 230 litres per minute is possible depending on the viscosity of the liquid. This type of meter can be used with a variety of liquids including oil, diesel & certain chemicals.

A nutating disc flow meter, as its name suggests, has a disc that wobbles (‘nutates’) as liquid passes over it; this motion is then recorded & converted to a reading on the display. Nutating disc meters aren’t especially sensitive to pressure changes, & unlike certain other meter technologies, do not necessarily require straight runs of pipe before or after the meter.

Our range of nutating disc meters enables you to benefit from their strengths with flow rates up to 230 litres per minute, 4 to 8 digit totaliser displays, high pressure capabilities (up to 68 bar) & accuracy of +/- 2%. Nutating disc flow meters should not be used in applications where the viscosity of the liquid may change. Similar to other PD meters, nutating disc meters are designed for use with “clean” liquids only, as particulate matter may damage the internal components which will ultimately lead to an inaccurate meter reading.


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