De-aerators remove air from the oil as it passes through; this prevents pump & nozzle problems caused by air bubbles, & ensures maximum efficiency of the oil burner by preventing air build up that could otherwise increase emissions & oil consumption.


Tigerloop® oil de-aerators - installed in some 3.5 million heating oil systems worldwide, the Tigerloop® de-aerator meets present & likely tougher future demands for environmental, cost savings & reliability to provide a clean, safe & efficient oil heating environment.


Tigerloop® de-aerators are also available in biofuel versions, & are designed to be fitted externally as they vent air into the surrounding area. Fitted between the oil storage tank & the burner, the Tigerloop® oil de-aerator allows the tank to be fitted below the level of the burner up to 30 meters (100 feet) away, & has a maximum nozzle capacity of 110 litres per hour; a fitting kit is available.


GOK oil de-aerator - unlike the Tigerloop® de-aerator, the GOK doesn’t vent air to the outside world, instead defusing & mixing it back into the oil in a manner that prevents combustion problems & improves efficiency.


The GOK requires manual priming before operation; like the Tigerloop® oil de-aerator, the GOK allows the storage tank to be lower than the level of the burner up to 30 metres (100 feet) away, & a fitting kit & priming pump is available.

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