Fire Valves


Our range of fire valves provide safety in the event of fire by closing off the oil feed lines connected to boilers, burners, AGAs & other oil burning equipment. Our fire valves are easily tested as they can be tripped & reset.


Our valves are made to last & protect over a number of years; for example the Teddington KBB fire valve, which has been a popular choice for over 40 years, is of a non-combustible and corrosion resistant construction featuring a brass body with a copper sensor housing & capillary. It’s designed to be quick acting in detecting when heat exceeds a predetermined value & shutting off the oil supply.


The Teddington & Professional range of fire valves can be specified in 65°C or 90°C temperature guises; 65°C is usually for boilers while the 90°C variant is specified for boilers, burners & various lengths of capillary.


We offer a free fall variant made of cast iron which is suitable for installation in either a horizontal or vertical position depending on the layout of the pipework.


We also offer fusible valves in the form of the Teddington KBB fusible head valve designed to shut off when temperatures reach 70°C.


Our capillary fire valves are OFTEC approved & conform to BS 5410 Part 1. We offer an electronic fire valve tester to make it easy & effective to test your valve is working properly.

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