Oil Lifters & Pumps

OUF Oil Lifter & GOK Priming Pump

Our oil lifters & priming pumps are designed to prepare heating systems for use & supply them with fuel easily & efficiently.


Oil lifters - if your tanks are lower than the level of your burners, then you’ll require an oil lifter to compensate for being unable to use a gravity fed arrangement.


Our OUF88 oil lifter is designed to ensure your burners receive a constant supply of fuel. Oil is drawn up from the storage tank & held in a small internal reservoir; the internal pump ensures a steady supply to the burner while the reservoir is replenished as needed.


An oil lifter might be called a day tank although strictly speaking there is no requirement for a day storage tank with our system.


The OUF88 must be fitted to OFTEC regulations; it’s available in 3.5 or 12 litre versions & an optional drip tray with leak detection can be specified.


Priming pumps - our priming pumps are ideal for use on new or older heating systems that can’t be self-primed. The pumps will efficiently prepare the system for use & act as a self-priming pump for ridding equipment such as de-aerators & oil lifters of air locks, debris & clear blockages.


We offer two models of priming pump; one version features a 6 litre chamber to contain the pumped out liquid & debris. This model is suitable for a range of liquids; diesel, kerosene, oil, gas oil, water, hydraulic fluids & biofuels. Our other model, the GOK self-priming pump, is more specifically suitable for heating oil only.

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