Oil Lines

An oil line is used to connect the pipework to the oil burner, so needs to be durable & able to perform over a long period across a wide temperature range. Our oil lines & oil hose fitting equipment is designed to provide reliable & safe performance.


Braided oil lines - made with a core of nitrile rubber & a braid of galvanised steel mesh to ANCC standards, our braided oil line offers a durable & high performing method of connecting your pipework to the oil burner.


Nitrile rubber is resistant to various materials including petroleum oils, along with mineral & vegetable oil. It’s a popular choice for heavy duty applications such as oil rigs & aviation due to its strong heat resistance & longer life compared to natural rubber.


Thermoplastic oil lines - a very flexible & durable solution, our thermoplastic oil lines are lightweight yet strong, & can be contorted to pass through tight spaces without kinking thanks to their strong & easily maintained wipe-down covering.


Both types can be specified in a choice of lengths & end sizes.


Oil hose fittings - our oil line fittings & adaptors are designed to work with rubber, thermoplastic or braided oil lines, are available in parallel or taper threaded, & electro plated for durability.

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