Overfill Limiters

Fuel spillages caused by overfilling wastes money & has an environmental implication, so efficient overfill protection is very important. Our range of above ground tank overfill protection equipment is ideal to prevent costly wasted fuel.


Overfill protection valves prevent overflows by using a float system to activate an overfill limiter valve to shut off the fuel flow before the maximum tank capacity is reached.


Our overfill limiter valve range offers overfill protection for steel & plastic tanks, & for clean diesel, heating oil, & biodiesel B30 - & a version specially designed to be used with AdBlue®.


Choose your overfill limiter valves depending on your circumstances; 2” or 3” fill pipe versions are available along with versions constructed of aluminium or heavy duty gun metal. Various flow rates can be specified up to a 1000 litres per minute maximum along with pressure rates up to a maximum of 116 psi (8 bar).


Our overfill limiter valves are manufactured to stringent quality standards to ensure long life and reliable performance with each one being tested to EN13616:2004.


They’re specifically designed so as not to take up too much on tank space - our most compact overfill limiter valve will only reduce your tank space by 59mm while even the largest will only reduce it by 150mm.


The AdBlue® version features fluorocarbon & nitrile rubber seals & is made of brass and stainless steel.


- AdBlue® is a trademark of the Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (VDA). http://www.vda.de

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