UPP Pipework For Heating Oil

We offer a range of pipework, adaptors & connectors for use with heating oil & fuel tanks all designed with longevity & durability in mind.

UPP Pipework - a lightweight & flexible non-metallic pipe suitable for use above & below ground, & compatible with a range of fluids such as diesel, petrol, oil, kerosene, heating oil, AdBlue® & B100 biodiesel.

UPP pipework is used in a number of industry applications including forecourt, marine & mining & some 14 million metres have been manufactured to date.

Its outer structure is made of a high density polyethylene giving it a high degree of puncture proofing, & the inner layer is made of a polyamide giving it excellent impermeability & low friction for efficient passage of fuels compared to steel piping.

We provide a range UPP pipework in various sizes to suit your applications & an extensive range of adaptors & connectors.


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