Warning Tape

We provide a range of durable underground warning tape & detection meshes to protect pipework.

They’re designed to be laid between the pipework & the surface during installation, & would be seen clearly or hit first before the pipes in the event of excavations. The detectable warning tape - in mesh form - features stainless steel wires running through it that can be found with a cable (or metal) detector to warn of pipes below.

Naturally the standard underground warning tape costs less than the detectable underground tape - or mesh - but the latter may be the preferred option if there are concerns over future excavations in areas of newly laid pipework.

Our underground warning tapes & meshes are made of a durable low density polyethylene highly resistant to rotting, & the oil warning tape is coloured with lead free pigmentation so there are no harmful toxins to contaminate the soil.

Oil Line Warning Tape - available in rolls of 75mm wide by 50 metres, our oil warning tape is marked clearly with ‘Caution - Oil Pipeline Below’.

Pipe Detector Mesh - available in rolls of 150mm wide by 100 metres, there are two versions to choose from: a red coloured type marked clearly with ‘Caution - Fuel Pipe Below,’ & a green coloured variant marked clearly with ‘Caution Oil Pipe Below’.

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