Fuel Hoses


Our fuel dispensing hoses come in a variety of lengths & bores, depending on the application they are required for. For example; our AdBlue® hoses are made with stainless steel fittings to stop contamination occurring. We provide hoses appropriate for use with diesel, petrol & oil delivery.


We stock a wide range of diesel hoses, ranging from soft wall good year fuel hoses, to more robust steel braided hoses. You can even order our diesel hoses in a wide range of lengths; either per metre, or in ready-made coils, depending on your requirements.


Our range of petrol hoses also feature a versatile range of lengths, & specifically made to be used in conjunction with petrol. We have also included hoses in our range that are capable of moving highly viscous liquids such as oils.


Our selection of soft wall hoses are perfect for use with a gravity tank or a short distance hand pump set, these can be purchased alone or as part of a gravity hose kit. These come complete with all fittings necessary for your above-ground tank installation.


Our selection of soft wall hoses are perfect for use with a gravity tank or a short distance hand pump set, where as our steel braided hoses are perfect for dispensing fuel in a busy environment. The steel braid keeps them flexible but lets them withstand more excessive wear and tear.


If you are looking for a suction hose rather than one suitable for dispensing, we have various heavy duty suction hoses perfect for the job. Manufactured with a spiral embedded compound they are ideal for any application involving a vacuum so they don’t collapse in on themselves under suction.  


All of our hoses are suitable with various fuels & fluids, from petrol hoses, to hoses suitable for use with AdBlue®, & you can filter through all of our hoses by what fluid or fuel the dispensing hose is suitable with.

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