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Leak Detection

To help avoid leaks that can cause environmental hazards & extra expense through wasted fuel, we offer an efficient secondary containment pipe fuel leak detection system.

Designed to be easy to install & use, it’s a valuable part of your site’s safety system.

The fuel & oil leak detection system works by sealing the outer secondary containment pipe & the inner product pipe together; the join between the two is monitored using a float switch sealed into the sensor housing below the join. Any leaking oil or other fuel activates the float switch which in turn triggers the attached 230V alarm.

While the fuel leak detection system comes with a mounting bracket, the float switch & alarm part of the system need to be purchased separately & the whole should be secured under the height of the pipework for the system to work properly.

The system can be used for oil leak detection such as heating & hydraulic, gasoils & diesel.

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