Tigerloop® Oil De-Aerator

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Tigerloop® Oil De-Aerator

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Product Code TIGER
Inlet ¼" F BSPP
Max Temperature 60°C
Micron 230L/hr
Outlet ¾" F BSPP
Warranty 1 Year
Suitable With Diesel, Heating Oil
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  • Fitted between oil storage tank & pressure jet burner.
  • Separates air from heating oil.
  • Allows storage tank to be lower than the level of the burner, up to 30m (100ft) away.
  • Eliminates tank return line when lift is required to the burner.
  • Must be installed outside the building.
  • Fitting kit available.
  • Max lift: 3.66m (12ft) @ 30m (100ft) distance with a 10mm line.
  • Remove any non‑return valve in the feed line & fit bypass screw to boiler burner pump.
  • Max nozzle capacity: 110L/hr.
  • Max return oil pumped into the Tigerloop® 120L/hr (at min output of burner).
  • Max/min operating pressure in feedline; +0.5/‑0.6 bar.
  • Pressure test of pipe system maximum 6 bar (85 psi).

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