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We offer a full range of valves of different types & specifications for use with heating oil & fuel tanks. Our range includes in-line & angle check valves to prevent drainage, pressure regulating valve options, non-return & anti-syphon valves.

Our wide range caters for diesel, heating oil, petrol, B100 biodiesel & we offer a shear valve for use with AdBlue®.

Angle Check Valves - available in diesel, petrol & B100 biodiesel versions, these valves are fitted in pump suction lines to prevent drainage & loss of prime. A range of pressure springs are available covering pressures from 3 up to 6 psi to prevent fuel loss on above ground storage tanks.

An in-line version is also available.

Check Valves With Pressure Relief - these pressure regulating valves combats possible damage to pumping equipment when pressure builds due perhaps to higher temperatures or long hose runs & reels.

Non-Return Valves - available in various sizes up to 3”, these brass bodied oil tank valves are set to open at pressures of 0.36 psi (0.025 bar) &, along with diesel & heating oil, an AdBlue® version is available.

Anti-Syphon Valves - available in petrol & diesel versions (including biodiesel up to B30), these valves protect above ground tanks from fuel theft through syphoning.

Shear Valves (for AdBlue®) - for use on pressure systems, these valves are designed to shear if the dispenser is damaged.

Isolation, Gate & Ball Valves - a range of these types of oil tank valve in various sizes are available including T-bar versions.

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  1. 2” Overfill Prevention Valve - For AdBlue®/DEF
  2. Anti–Syphon Valve For Diesel Or Petrol – ATEX
  3. Under Pump Valve - Aluminium
  4. Inline Check Valve for Diesel/Petrol
  5. Spare Filter for TUSON.F
  6. Shear Valve for AdBlue®/DEF
  7. Anti-Syphon Valve for Petrol
  8. Lockable Angle Valve - 1" F BSPT
  9. Professional Fire Valve - ¼" F BSPT - 65°C Shut Off
  10. Professional Fire Valve - ¼" F BSPT - 90°C Shut Off
  11. Gate Valves
  12. Non Return Valve - F - F BSPT
  13. Spare Twin Pressure Relief Poppet for Check Valves
  14. Spare Pressure Relief Poppet for Check Valves
  15. Spare Poppet Assembly for Check Valves
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Items 1-15 of 32

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