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Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste for E85/B100 - 70g

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ATEX CertifiedNo
Warranty1 Year
Fuel TypeB100, E85
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Kolor Kut modified water finding paste is designed to detect the presence of water in methanol and ethanol enriched fuels. Water in a fuel tank or storage unit causes misleading fuel volume readings and can cause the tank to rust. It could also damage the engine of a vehicle if it is transferred into a vehicle fuel tank. Because it is denser than fuel, however, water collects at the bottom of a tank and so can be hard to detect. 

Water finding paste can be smeared onto a dipstick or weighted piece of string and lowered to the bottom of the tank, where the brown paste turns red if it comes into contact with water. This indicates the presence of water in the tank, and also how much water there is based on what point on the string or dipstick is the line between red and brown. 

Water in ethanol and methanol enriched fuels can cause separation of alcohol and the result is that a mix of water and alcohol settles at the bottom of the tank. This high-alcohol mix cannot be detected by ordinary water-finding paste and so this modified water-finding paste is required.

The modified water-finding paste will still turn bright red in the presence of pure water, but will also turn yellow in the presence of alcohol with as little as 6% water content. This allows for accurate detection of even small amounts of water.

  • Detects the presence of water in tanks, smear onto dipstick & leave in fuel.
  • Paste turns from dark brown to bright red on contact with water.
  • For use with methanol & ethanol enriched fuels, E85/B100
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